Buyers premium

Fee for the Buyer:

Subject to differential taxation:
up to € 300.000,- 25% of the hammerprice,
for amounts over € 300.000,- 15% of the hammerprice.
20% VAT is included in the premium.

Subject to normal taxation:
up to € 300.000,- 21% of the hammerprice,
for amounts over € 300.000,- 12% of the hammerprice.
Plus 13% VAT for paintings respectively 20% VAT for antiques.


In compliance with directive 2001/84/EC Austrian copyright legislation
(Urheberrechtsgesetz-Novelle 2005 as amended) implemented Artist Resale right in Austria.
As a result, sales of original works will be subject to a non-refundable royalty payment in the form of a surcharge on the hammer price. This will be used by Austria Auction Company to pay the royalty due to the artist, his legal successor or the artist's representatives.

The surcharge is calculated as follows:

4% on the first 50.000 EUR, (= – 50.000 EUR)
3% on the next 150.000 EUR, (= 50.000,01 – 200.000 EUR)
1% on the next 150.000 EUR, (= 200.000,01 – 350.000 EUR)
0,5% on the next 150.000 EUR, (= 350.000,01 – 500.000 EUR)
0,25% on all subsequent amounts (= over 500.000,01 EUR), based on the hammer price.
The surcharge may not exceed 12,500 EUR and does not apply to purchases under
2.500 EUR.

For further information please consult our "general terms and conditions" and our "general terms and conditions of auction".